Apartment 53

Apartment 53 was my first apartment in NYC where I lived on my own, and thus, where I really think of my life as a Manhattan woman beginning. I've always been fascinated by NYC apartments. Giant buildings filled with people, each with their own story. Windows everywhere. And I always wonder: what's behind them? What do people see when they look in from the outside? What is the real story of the person who lives behind that glass? This is my blog. A real story from a Manhattan apartment.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things (Part Deux)

1. "Hey Ya" by Obadiah Parker - a new take on a not-so-classic, but very recognizable song

2. A great kiss

3. "Brothers and Sisters" - Sally Field deserved every ounce of that Emmy

4. Essie's nail color Wicked (because I'm not)

5. When a man sees me home safely

6. Hearing my mom's voice in a message

7. Colleagues who tell you what a good job you've done (especially when you have)

8. Nights that bring you clarity in the future

9. Giving a gift for no particular reason

10. My "street" jewels. I always get compliments and not one piece has cost me more than ten bucks.