Apartment 53

Apartment 53 was my first apartment in NYC where I lived on my own, and thus, where I really think of my life as a Manhattan woman beginning. I've always been fascinated by NYC apartments. Giant buildings filled with people, each with their own story. Windows everywhere. And I always wonder: what's behind them? What do people see when they look in from the outside? What is the real story of the person who lives behind that glass? This is my blog. A real story from a Manhattan apartment.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Blog, meet Berger

Last weekend, I went "down the shore" (I feel so Jersey when I say it like that,) with Berger. It was a good time. Saturday night we got pizza and wine, got drunk on the porch and played Mind Trap (good game with too many word problems.) His parents were out to dinner. Then they came home, went to bed, and we fooled around in the bathroom. Very eleventh grade. Hilarious.

Sunday the whole fam went for a sail. It was pretty windy but luckily Berger had brought a fleece with him and was gentlemanly enough to freeze his ass off so I could be toasty.

I was very impressed by his sailing skills - until he attempted to dock and knocked his dad off the boat which was pretty amusing only because Berger Sr. did not suffer a concussion or something worse.

Then we all sat around the deck and ate fajitas and drank Manhattans (have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy being around a gentile family that drinks? My family is such a bunch of sober lamos.)

Berger is a fun dude. Good on car rides (no road rage, stops for BK when I demand it, lets me play with the Sirius radio,) and is also quite a smoocher. Plus, he lets me talk about EF and listens like a friend without getting all weird about the fact that I am talking about an EF. I told him that if things don't work out between the two of us, if neither one of us acts like an asshole, I think we actually could stay friends. I meant it. I think he agreed.

Of course the main obstacle would be that he's so damned delicious I'm not sure I could be around him platonically and not want to get him naked...

Is that a problem?

He's a character of humor, intelligence, and creativity all wrapped up in the body of a J. Crew model. It's enough to make any Jewess forget that he grew up by the cross. Part of his charm.

Of course since the weekend we had a brief conversation on the phone (Berger travels a lot and this week he is navigating his way through yet another small Southern town,) about the future. Big mistake. (Note to self: whenever things are going well in a relationship and you are not ready for them to end even though statistically speaking you know that one day they might, don't bring up the future.)

Berger and I met on a blind date arranged by two sisters about two months ago. Right away I was charmed by his sense of humor, his uncanny ability to quote almost any movie ever made, and his perfect smile that makes the lines around his eyes crease like the guys in the Bloomingdale's catalogue. I'm not sure what he was charmed by. As talkative as he is, he's usually quoting "Caddyshack", telling jokes, or making a good point about politics while I tend to be a little more revealing since it is my belief that you can never dispense too many compliments. It's two months later and he continues to charm me in other ways, usually ones that are unexpected.

I found myself feeling pretty sad today, following our late-night conversation/revelation. I've never met a guy like Berger and find myself strangely torn. Just because I want to put him in my pocket and take him with me everywhere so that I'm assured of having a good time, and just because he makes my knees quiver when he kisses me, and just because he seems to be one of the more quality individuls I've met in this lifetime, doesn't mean it will work, does it? Am I just setting myself up for massive disappointment if it doesn't end now? I should know the answer to this by now, Blog. I am a big girl and have been down this road before. But the romantic in me believes that every relationship, even the ones that appear seemingly doomed from the start, deserves its fair shake if both parties agree there's something worth shaking... I mean, I can't pretend to know what's going to happen on the other side... I guess if I get a post-it from Berger that says "I'm sorry. I can't. Don't hate me." I'll have my answer.